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Artists Khokhlov
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Artist Particulars

 Name  Khokhlov
 First Name  Ivan
 Citizenship  Russia
 ZIP  125315
 City  Moscow
 Country  Russia
 Date of Birth  06/06/1945
 Place of Brith  Russia

Statement / Description

I have always taken a special interest in the Space theme. Back in 1958
when I was a child I made a small painting "First People on the Moon". This work was published in a children's magazine. Many years later I started working on a series "Parallel Worlds". I worked out an original painting technique specially for this series.
"Parallel Worlds", which stretch far beyond the real world, led me to the "Creation of the World" series. The themes of Space and birth-creation of new stars of the cosmic dust, which has always fascinated and inspired me, prevail in this series. The so-called "mixed"
technique I am constantly developing very much resembles what happens when stars explode and gases cluster together. The technique allows achieving depth in space and concentration of information in a comparatively small size - exactly what is required when working on such a complex subject as Space.

Ivan Khokhlov (2004)

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