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The Submission Form Instructions Part One:

Copyright Release Statement
Please print, complete, sign and mail the Copyright Release Statement to the address as instructed.

Personal Information:

1. Language(s): English / German / French / - Please select the language(s) of your submission.
2. Last Name or Artist Name: This is the name that will be keyed in the searches and alphabetical listings of the database. Please capitalize the first letter.
3. First Name: Please capitalize the first letter.
4. Middle Name: Please capitalize the first letter.
5. Real Name: This is your given name – Last Name and First Name.
6. If you go by an “Artist Name”, do you wish that your “Real Name” be published in the database? Please select “Yes” or “No”.

Contact Info: (Your street and e-mail addresses will not be published)

7. Full Name: (Last Name, First Name)
8. Street Address:
9. Zip:
10. City:
11. Country:
12. E-mail Address:
13. Primary Website URL: This is your personal or main website.


14. Date of Birth: Format DD/MM/YYYY
15. Date of Death: Leave blank if not applicable.
16. Place of Birth: Town or City
17. Place of Death: Leave blank if not applicable.
18. Citizenship: (Country)

19 . Artistic Statement: Please use 300-500 words to describe your artistic inspiration, position and intentions and describe why is “space” a theme in your work.

20. Personal Resume / Biography: Please use 300-500 words to give a brief personal resume and biography. You may wish to include schools attended, personal developments, awards and achievements.

21. References: Please list up to five external references about you or your work, such as books, articles, publications and exhibitions. De precise and include appropriate information such as name of publisher and dates of publication.

22. Links: Include the name and full URL of up to five websites that you may operate and/or be associated with.

23. Portrait Photo: Please include a color portrait image of yourself in vertical format 250 x 190 pixels. Please indicate the name of the image file. If you use the online form, follow the instructions there.


The Submission Form Instructions Part Two:

You may submit up to five representative artworks to the Spacearts Database. Please complete the following for each art work:

1. Title:

2. Copyright of artwork: Please state the preferred and legal copyright status of the work.
    Format: Copyright Name © Year

3. Copyright of Reproduction: If the copyright to the reproduction of the art work is different than above, please include details. Format: Copyright Name © Year

4. Realized or Unrealized? Was the work realized or finished?

5. Date of Initiation: – this information is especially useful for projects. Only the year is necessary.

6. Date of Realization: - Only the year is necessary.

7. Categories: Please select up to three most appropriate categories that can be applied to the particular     artwork.

8. Techniques: Select the most important art techniques that were used in the realization of the artwork.

9. Technical Description: Please describe the technical specifications of the art work as accurately as
     possible. This may include materials and processes used, collaborations if any. 300 words or less.

10. Artistic Description: What was your intention or goal for producing this work. 300 words or less.

11. Whereabouts of work: Where is the work currently located.

12. Image (File name): Please submit a good quality image of the work in either “.jpg” or “.gif” format.          Include the file name if you are submitting by e-mail. Follow the instructions on the website if you are     submitting the image online.

13. Multimedia File: This can be an animated or sound file such as QuickTime, RealMedia or MP3. Include
    the file name if you are submitting by e-mail. Follow the instructions on the website if you are submitting
    the image online.

14. URL Link: This is a URL to a website that contains more information about this particular work.